Monday, September 9, 2013

big brother and mommy days.

For the past month, I intentionally planned a few big brother/ mommy dates for Preston and me.   I try not to plan anything else on those days so we don't feel rushed.  No grocery store.  No appointments.  We talk about being a big brother, although you can see below he likes to think of himself as the  'baby brother,' baby Haddey, and babies in general.  Now that things are a little more concrete in our house ( there's no denying there's a baby in my belly and there's a whole lotta pink going up in our house), Preston has really started to talk a lot more about his sister and being a big brother.  I can't remember if I documented it or not on here, but he ignored all talk about his baby sister for about 3 months. 

One Friday morning, we went to Noah's Ark.  We went there quite a bit last summer, but sadly this was our first time to go this year.  We've done a lot of traveling this year and a lot of our Fridays were spent at my OB appointments. 

Anyhow he loved it.  He went down each slide about 18 times each.  He even went down the way-to-big-for-him slide in the big pool.  He really had no business going down it especially without his floaties, but he insisted.  I waited for him at the bottom of the slide, in what was supposed to be 3'6" deep water where I had to stand on my tip-toes and bounce up and down to keep my head above the water.  My calves felt it for days afterwards.  Needless to say, there are no pictures or videos of him on that slide.  

Another Friday morning we hit up the Jaycee Park splash pad.  It's free and located close by in a quiet little neighborhood.  He adored it.  I wore my bathing suit under my dress so occasionally I would lift my dress up a bit and splash around in the water with him, but mostly I sat on a towel in the shade and watched him play with friends that came and went -- my heart so proud to be his mommy.

Then the Monday of Labor Day, the Gherkin snuck out of the house early to go play golf with the guys so Preston and I took full advantage of this.  We made it a mommy & big brother movie date to see Planes. After buying a box of popcorn bigger than he is,  he sat through the entire movie and ate popcorn the entire time.  Occasionally, he would look up at me, smile, and say "hi, momma" with a look in his eye that suggested he, too, realized the significance of these moments together. I honestly will never the way he kept looking up at me. And he wanted to hold my hand.  I heart him and I loved this date.

Here are some videos I snapped of our mommy & big brother dates.  {{  I apologize in advance for all the home videos.  I'm sure only Preston's Grrr, KK, and Nana will want to watch them.  I'm going to start posting more simply because I think my home video footage I take here and there easily gets buried in my phone or in a download on the PC.  I don't want to ever forget this sweet voice --- I want/ need to record more of it.  So my apologies in advance.  }}

yes, the car's in motion.  please rest assure that we are just creeping along on a quiet residential street in our neighborhood just after pulling out of our driveway. 

Dear Preston,

As excited I am for your sister to come into this world and take her first breath, my heart longs for more time with you.  Just you.  I know this is by no means the end of our time together as I already look forward to mommy/son dates as you grow up, but I'm just a little sad about how quickly the last two years and eight months went by with you.  I imagine time will race by even quicker when your sister arrives.  

My love for you will not change. If anything it can only grow deeper as I watch you grow to love your sister, entertain her, and teach her all about the ins and outs of our house.  I'll also promise to throw in a little extra allowance if you'll keep a close eye on her in high school too, ya hear?  You're a special little boy.  You're my baby, and as he always tells you, you're your daddy's best friend.  It's such a blessing to have you in my life.

Thank you for making my world go round.  I love you.


Jennifer said...

We love Noah's Ark and we tried out Jaycee Park this summer too. It was not exciting enough for my 7 year old, but Easton, my 3 year old loved it. I have decided Spring Branch needs some more splash pads as we are lacking in this area severely!

Heather said...

I totally teared up reading this post!! So sweet. said...

sweet, sweet, sweet

Chasity Munn said...

So sweet! I love the videos.

Jenn-Neal said...

Love the hand holding picture with his skinned knee! Such a great keepsake of his toddler-hood! Great job enjoying Preston while he's still an only.

Brittney said...

Ah - this is the sweetest! You are such a great mommy, Tiff!

Samantha said...

I love the letter. Made me tear up. Man those little boys sure know how to melt a mommies heart!

Andie said...

this is the sweetest thing ever! We didn't have luck at Planes.. maybe I should have gotten him some popcorn. :)

I am thinking he & I need more mommy dates!

Danielle F. said...

You have an awesome blog! I love it!