Tuesday, September 3, 2013

big brother gift

I finished up Mr. P's big brother gift basket from Hadley this weekend.

Now I just need to figure out when to give it to him.
Any insight on this?
I'm thinking we need to carry it with us to the hospital so that when he comes to visit her for the first time, she can 'give' it to him. 

Press Here book  //  Roly- Poly Playground  //  Personalized Big brother shirt 

Everyone raves about this Press Here book and since he's more into books these days, I think Hadley made a good choice.  Hadley also wanted to get him a roly-poly playground because he loves catching and playing with roly-polies. It's been so hot out that we haven't seen many roly-polies lately, but I'm hopeful that his eagerness to hunt for and catch roly-polies will keep him well entertained during our walks this fall when Hadley is so little.  Then to know he can bring them inside (contained hopefully) may keep him entertained when I need to tend to Hadley.  

Flyduds makes my favorite Big Bro shirt.  I love the way his turned out, and it fits him perfectly. My heart was so proud just to see him try it on.  I can't wait to see him wearing it AND holding his baby sister.

He adores Buzz Lightyear and I guess Miss Hadley can sense that because she's included some Buzz pajamas, a blow up wing set, and a space shuttle he can color and play in.  I think it's a perfect idea, and hope it proves helpful and will give him something to do when my hands are full with Hadley.

I through in a a Harold the Helicopter and his very own digital camera so he will leave mine alone and help me document our new life as a family of four. 

Then finally a big brother book for the new big brother. 

I hope he likes his new stuff.  I can't wait to give it to him.

Did I forget anything?


Meg O. said...

Oh that is such a precious idea!! I love it! I also like the idea of giving it to him at the hospital. It will make him feel so special.

Lili said...

that big brother book is so precious!