Wednesday, September 18, 2013

burlap { it's a girl } door hanger.

I was at the hospital taking a tour since we're delivering at a new hospital in the Texas Medical Center this time around  It's fancy and big and new so I just wanted to make sure I knew my way around.  So super fancy that you can shop and place orders from the gift shop while in labor through their fancy tv program.  There's also a manicure and pedicure service on site that will come to your room.  I know this because a  patient has promised to gift me with a manicure/pedicure during my hospital stay as long as I promise to come back to work after maternity leave.  I told you it's a fancy schmancy place.

Anyhow, back to the point of my post.  I saw a door hanger in the gift shop for sale.  It was closed so I couldn't see the price, but I imagine it's high dollar considering the fancy hospital.  I made a mental note to buy one for Hadley and then on the way home realized I could make that myself for next to nothing since I already had all the materials except for the pink ribbon on hand at home.  I didn't have intentions of blogging about it until I finished it or I would've taken pictures during the making of it. All in all it cost me $7 to make it and that was the cost of the ribbon.  Can you believe I didn't have any pink ribbon in this house yet?  Everything else I had on hand.

I made mine double sided with It's a Girl on one side {with plans to hang that side on display at the hospital} and with her name on the other side {with plans to hang that on her nursery door or our front door when we bring her home from the hospital}.

What you'll need:
fishing line or some type of thicker thread
paint brushes (see directions for specific ones I used)
piece of chalk
batting or tissue paper
safety pin

1) Lay your burlap fabric out on a flat surface.  I bought mine from Hobby Lobby with coupon a couple of years ago. I folded a bigger piece of burlap in half so that there were two layers of burlap, one on top of each other.
2) Trace the shape of a baby rattle onto the burlap.  I used a piece of chalk for the tracing and I just free handed it. 
3) Cut along the line you just traced in step 2.
4) Once through cutting you should have two pieces of identically shaped baby rattles. 
5) Put plastic or a drop cloth down and then lay the two burlap shaped rattles on top. 
6) Take the paint brush and the Elmer's white glue and literally paint the glue on to the burlap.  Don't worry that it goes on white because when it dries it will be clear. The more glue the stiffer the burlap will be. I chose to only apply one coat of glue to give it a softer look.  After painting the glue on let it dry a couple of hours. Remember to add more coats of the glue for stiffer finish on the burlap. 
7) Once the paint dried, I painted the dots.  I used light pink paint I had on hand and the end of a mini foam roller from Lowe's to paint the dots by dipping the solid end in light pink paint and then pressed in onto the burlap.  Due to the porous nature of the burlap, you do have two apply two or three coats. 
8) Then I grabbed the chalk again and traced the It's a Girl and Hadley Eloise on either side.  You can trace it from a stencil or free hand it like I did. 
9) Then take a fairly stiff and very thin paint brush and paint over the above chalk tracing with your paint.  I didn't have a bright pink on hand so I just mixed white and red until I came up with a hot pink. NOTE: it will take 2-3 coats of paint again. 
10) Let paint dry.
11) Once dry, place the two pieces of burlap on top of each other.  Be sure that your painted sides are both facing out and not in (otherwise you won't see the painted side once finished). 
12)  Then I threaded a needle with fishing line and sewed along the outside edges of BOTH pieces of burlap, sewing the two pieces together as I went. 
13)  I stopped after sewing the top part of the rattle and then stuffed the batting inside before continuing down the handle of the rattle. Then I stopped at halfway when sewing the handle of the rattle and again stuffed batting into the burlap already sewn together. Then again as I finished sewing together the bottom pieces of burlap to make the bottom rattle, I left a little opening before sewing it shut to finish stuffing it with batting.  Then I sewed it up completely.  NOTE: if you don't have batting on hand you can also use pieces of tissue paper (for wrapping, not for nose blowing!) or news paper.
14. Then either tie your ribbon where you want it or use a safety pin to attach your ribbon.  I opted to pin mine. 
15. Hang it and welcome your precious baby into this world :)

Easy peasy!  I started and finished it, in addition to cooking dinner and chasing a toddler, all in one afternoon :)


Abby said...

Super cute! This would be so easy to do for any shape... I'm thinking I need a pumpkin for my front door!

Chelsea said...

Love, love, love the door hanger, but I'm still stuck on the mani/pedi service at your hospital!!!