Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hadley's nursery.

Hadley's nursery is done.  Done. I finally got my act together and took some pictures over the weekend thanks to the hubs who got Preston out of the house for a mere hour so I could snap them. 

I tried not to stress too much about this nursery.  Sadly, I had a couple of weeks where I did stress but it was short lived and then, just like that, it all came together. 

I wanted light and white. I kept the same crib Preston used and the same Pottery Barn sheets I used for him.  I didn't paint the walls so the Martin Senour Linen Weave is still on the walls.  It definitely looks darker now that it's paired with more white accents instead of the blue and darker oatmeal colored linen I used in Preston's nursery.

I kept the same changing table, same changing pad and cover, and the same lamp. The Starburst mirror is from Target {here}, and I loovvve it!

I framed some of my favorite pages from Flora and the Flamingo on either side of the window.  I kept the birchwood branch up to serve as the curtain rod.  I didn't get a good picture of the window panels, but they are from Linen Source {here}.  I love the daintiness of them. 

A sweet friend let me borrow her glider (it's seriously the most comfortable thing ever) for Hadley's nursery.  I didn't get a glider or rocker for Preston's nursery and I regret it.  I kept the cowhide rug that Aunt Lauren bought for Preston's nursery in there for now.  I do want to keep the cowhide in there as it's the perfect fit and I like the way it makes the room a tiny bit rustic, but I'm look for a large, padded, natural colored rug to layer under the cowhide and to soften the floor. I remember spending quite a bit of time of the floor in there before Preston was old enough to crawl and walk. Rugs are the hardest thing for me to commit to and to purchase so I'm not going to rush into anything --- if I find the perfect one then it'll happen.  

Also, my cowhide is curling up on the edges.  It's pretty annoying.  Any ideas on how to straighten it again?  Never mind, figured out a solution and it worked like a charm. 

Anyhow, I ordered Hadley's crib skirt and the bows from Cottage and Cabin.  Debbie was amazing to work and the turn around was very timely.  I opted not to do the bumper for right now.  I have the oatmeal linen bumper from Preston's nursery still that I may use once she's old enough and the risk of SIDS decreases, but honestly bumpers just scare me so I may just throw up one of those breathable, white, mesh bumpers when the time comes.

Following this tutorial I made a DIY tissue mobile using a wire wreath hanger that I painted white.

I ordered the mega-sized {36x36} monogram from here.  I love how it turned out.  It came with adorable burlap ribbon, but sadly, I had to end up removing it.  We don't have the tallest ceilings. 

More details ... 

One of the things I was most excited about ordering after it sunk in that I was indeed having a girl, was a Beaufort bonnet.  There are no words for how much I adore these bonnets from The Beaufort Bonnet Company

I kept the bird prints that I painted myself with a sweet friend years ago.  This ruffled, mint bathing suit was one of the first things I purchased after finding out that Miss Hadley was indeed a miss.  I decided to hang it on display for now in her room.  I love that Ikea sells baby and kid-sized wooden hangers.

I don't have a great picture of it, but I snagged this cart on sale to use as a side table beside the glider. I used this tutorial to make my own mini tassel garland for above the changing table. It's not as neat as the tutorial, but I like it.  It doesn't help that Mr. P can't seem to keep his paws off of it. 

Lucite bookshelf is from here
I replaced the P hook with an H {from Anthropologie}, and hung one of my favorite Remember Nguyen dresses on it.

So now I wait.  Wait to hold my daughter (I can't believe I get to say that those two words in combination ... my daughter) in this room.


aimee O Raley said...

You made me lose it! I am bawling crying over here! I love the nursery, I love everything about it and that it is yours and for your precious daughter! I am over the moon excited for you. prayers for you always, love ya!

Jana said...

Beautiful nursery! I love all the little touches. I love those big bows on the crib. And that swimsuit is too cute. Man you are making me look bad since I still haven't finished Lainey's nursery! Ha, one of these weeks I will!

Jana said...

Random question: how do you make those picture collages?

Breonna said...

OMG those dresses! adorable. i like that it's not overly pink. its beautiful

Erin Marie said...


Dianna said...

It is beautiful! Love it! And I really love the DIY tassles!

Heather said...

Your nursery design is absolutely beautiful! Love the Target starburst mirror, the monogram initials above the crib and the DIY mobile. Your post makes me a *little* stressed as I'm 31 weeks with my second baby and haven't even started on his nursery. Eek!

Also, hey there! I can't remember how I stumbled on your blog but we're nearly at the same point in pregnancy with Baby #2 and it's been fun to compare. Good luck in the home stretch!

Andie said...

Tiffanie! Her nursery came out so beautiful! Love it!

I do have a question, though... maybe I missed it- but have you ever shared P's big boy room?

tell it to your neighbor! said...

So pretty, Tiffanie!

Heather said...

Her nursery is ADORABLE!! I love the changing table- I wish I'd used that style in ours.

Kristin said...


Your daughter's nursery is simply beautiful! i LOVE everything you did.I honestly wish you could come to NJ to help me style and decorate my house. I can't wait to see pics of your girl! Enjoy the last days of your pregnancy!