Wednesday, September 25, 2013

home videos :: edition 1

You know what?  I'm so thankful for technology and I totally appreciate the fact we can capture home videos with our phones now.  We own a video camera and I'm fairly certain we've used it twice (both on the day Preston was born).  Here lately I've been much more intentional in recording Preston in action.  I want to remember the sweet sound of this voice forever. And ever. And ever. 

He asks his daddy to go look for froggies every evening.  
He sings Jesus Loves Me now.  Well, really it's just the me, so, and strong.  Ignore the blurry beginning --- his daddy needs to work on his video shooting skills. 
His first couple of weeks of school was great and tear free.  The following couple weeks was pure torture for me when I dropped him off.  He cried and would beg me to turn around and "go back, momma" the minute we turned on the street.  Last week the hubs brainwashed him and convinced him that "school is cool." This week has been much better. 

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Meg O. said...

He is so PRECIOUS! Love the Jesus Loves Me one.... he is really jamming out!! Hahaha