Monday, September 16, 2013

in love with minted's 2013 holiday designs.

Minted launched their new holiday card designs for 2013 last week.  I get so excited to pick out Christmas cards each year and this year is certainly no exception. 

I'm a smitten kitten for Minted's new foil-pressed cards.  Can you say in love?!

I adore this holiday mini-book from Minted.

For all those who want to get a head start, Minted has some precious options.  Me?  I'll be waiting on this great little girl's arrival before I start designing my 2013 holiday cards.

Click on the banner below for 20% off {{ promo code :: PREVIEW2013 }} available now through 09.23.13.

P.S. this post makes me absolutely giddy --- it means the holidays are right around the corner!

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Courtney said...

Oh man! Those are some of the prettiest Christmas cards I've ever seen!

I can't wait to see what you design once Miss H arrives :)

Chelsea said...

Minted did good this year! I'm loving all of the gold!