Tuesday, October 1, 2013

a letter. to myself.

Hey there,

There's an end in sight so let's go on record here about a few things that your pregnant body has insight to that your non-pregnant, largely-hormone, post-partum body might not.  Don't be offended but you really stunk at some of these the last time around. So let's get a few things out in the open before you get all post-partum on me.

Should this baby not latch, we will not freak out about it. If it happens, great! If not, that's fine too. Also let's not not obsess about pumping again.  I'm talking about nine months of exclusively pumping, not just the here and there or the once a day pumping.  If we decide to pump then great, but let's not obsess about it this time around.

That all being said, let's not freak out mama-bear style on the nurse who tries to supplement with formula for our baby, AND let's remember that the hubs has PTSD from the sound of the automatic breast pump.  As we learned last time, formula will not hurt your baby.  In fact, remember how that sweet P of yours actually preferred forumla.  (traitor!)

Just let go of your high expectations and just go with the flow for a change. 

Try not to be terrified of going to the grocery store with a newborn.  Socialization will be a good thing for you, even if it's just swerving the crazies on the aisles of the grocery store.

On the flip side of that, don't be afraid to just sit home and enjoy the snuggles.  Maybe even take a few naps this pregnancy.  Remember how totally cray cray the lack of sleep made you last time!?

And honey, the hubs says this is the last baby and he already has a game plan for being certain of this (something about a doctor's appointment the Thursday before the Masters so he has doctor's order to lay up on the couch all weekend) so be sure you soak up those snuggles.  These babies, they grow all too fast.

Very important one coming up, you listening?  We've learned our lesson about comparing ourselves to other moms and we know how disastrous that was for us.   Remember to figure out what works for us and for our family, and remember that "comparison is the thief of joy."


Oh, and don't forget that you'll need to start using those breast pads before you actually deliver.  Nothing like the husband looking over at you over bacon and pancakes at Avalon Diner one morning and telling you that you needed to go to the bathroom.  It was a mortifying moment for you.  Let's be proactive this time around.  (my deepest apologies for the TMI).

Signing off now.  Good luck to your post-partum self.
your pregnant self


Jennifer said...

I Love This!

Shae said...

No truer words than those about comparison. Thankfully, I don't compare myself to other moms. We really do just go with the flow & I tell all my other soon to be moms the same thing. Take cues from YOUR baby because no two are exactly the same. What might work for me & mine may not be what goes for you & yours. Heck, my boys are so different in so many ways, we had to learn lots of new "go with the flow" things when #2 came along.
Just wanted to tell you good luck. It's almost time to meet your girl & hold her in your arms. Can't wait to see pics! :)
P.S. Just because I don't compare myself to other moms, I do compare myself in other ways. My body, my home, my job, so don't think I'm not human. ;)

Amy said...

Perfectly said! So excited for you & your family to meet sweet little Hadley!

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Haha, love this! So well said! :)

Emily said...

Love it! And really such a good idea! Postpartum days are NOT easy but I know you will do great especially if you remember all these thing! Good luck, I will be checking in often as I will soon be Momma to two as well!

Jessi said...

Love it!! Good Luck and can't wait to see pictures of baby girl!!

Sarah Schnure said...

Perfection! I'll go ahead and mail this letter to myself and add "please don't spend a small fortune on fenugreek and other milk inducing products found at whole foods to squeeze an extra ounce or two out a day, it doesn't have to be all or nothing!"

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

This made me laugh and kinda tear up at the same time --- comparison. No ma'am. You be the best you can be for H&P, and don't worry about anyone else. You are such a wonderful momma. And you crack me up :) What timing for hubby's appointment - The Masters. Well played, Mr. Gherkin, well played.

tell it to your neighbor! said...

Amen, sister! And LOL!

Heather said...

I could've written this exact letter to myself (and probably should)! I experienced so many of the same feelings post-partum with my daughter but I just couldn't see the crazy until after the first year. After I was done nursing, for sure. Hopefully we're more sensible about things the second time around!

Andie said...

love this! if I were to ever have another baby, I'd certainly write a similar letter to myself! :)

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Perfect! And gosh we do need these reminders. I should sit down right now while J is still little and write myself a letter with reassurances and reminders. I feel like the breastfeeding/pumping/formula business is so fresh each time that you feel so new all over again the second time. All of the same emotions come along with it, but like you said, it will all be ok!