Monday, October 14, 2013

Hadley's birth story :: part one

Crazy to think it's already been a week since Hadley was born --- feels like it was just minutes ago.
Just as I documented with Preston, I'm ready to document my recap and thoughts here on the blog before I start to forget the details. Breaking it up into a few different parts and posts because, well, that's about all I can get in and want to get in at one time --- I'm immensely enjoying Hadley. 

I had our nanny snap a picture on our way out the door to head to the doctor. So glad I did --- turned out this came to be our last picture as a family of three!

The Friday before my high risk OB said that my amniotic fluid was lower and that Hadley's growth was then estimated to be in the 27th percentile (she had been well in the 30th and 50th before that). After going to labor and delivery for an hour long non-stress test to make sure Hadley wasn't compressing her cord and having decels, she said to come back on Monday, fasting, in case my fluid was lower and we needed to deliver.  (it had been 7 twice, then 5 that Friday)

To be honest, I didn't think it would happen the following Monday.  I actually convinced myself that it wouldn't happen.   I was afraid of being disappointed when/if it didn't. Plus we had a baby shower scheduled at the Gherkin's office later in the week and I just knew we'd make that.

I was her second patient of the day, and when she walked in she said "Oh, hi there, I just got off the phone with your doctor (my regular OB) and she was asking about your status."  Then she sat down and started the ultrasound.  She looked at the fluid level the tech measured (4.something), and with that she told the tech she was being very generous as she could only find one pocket of fluid and even then the "pickings were slim."

The next thing I know she's calling my regular OB on her cell phone and tells her that she is sending me to labor and delivery for more monitoring and delivery.  She still didn't make it clear whether I needed to be delivered that day so I asked her "Do you think I'm going to have a baby this week?"  She looked at me like I was crazy and said "Yes, today or tomorrow."  Duh

So off to the hospital we went, me texting and calling family, our nanny, our managers, close friends in our short commute to the hospital.  It was about 10:00 am at that point.  I felt like we might be worked in later in the afternoon, like 5 ish, after my doctor finished clinic or we would be monitored overnight with a c-section scheduled for the next day.  In fact, I texted my aunt and said "head south in a few hours." Ha.

When I got there, the nurses were confused about where and why I was there.  I pulled out the papers my high risk OB sent saying "admit to labor and delivery for monitoring and delivery today."  With that they got me in a room, in a gown, and on a monitor.  Hadley was doing great.  Beyond great on the monitor.

The nurse came back at 10:49 and announced that our c-section was scheduled for 1 pm.  Wowza!  I was totally off on everything that day.

My sister in law arrived by 11:30, so I sent Gherkin (Mr.-I'm-going-to-fast-because-you're-fasting) to get something to eat.  I told him it was ridiculous to not eat and reminded him that I needed him at his best and not passing out in the operating room. He came back with food and a few preemie outfits for Hadley.  Per the ultrasound she was estimated to weigh 5 pounds 11 ounces.

It was so peaceful.  As much as I wanted our family there, I really enjoyed my time with just my husband and my sister in law before the c-section.  It gave me time to full enjoy the last few moments of my pregnancy and reflect on everything.  My SIL took pictures of us to help document that special time with pics. 

I got Miss Hadley's accessories out and laid them in her bassinet. I ordered this hat for Hadley soon after we decided on her name. I'm so glad I did.  It was the perfect size for her teeny tiny head.  It's from here.  Mr. Gherkin picked out that shirt for her merely hours before she was born. 

I couldn't love my OB more.  Seriously. I adore her.  She was joking with me in the picture above --- something about how I was getting my way and going to be home with plenty of time to spare for my 34th birthday and halloween. A few of you know how our conversations have gone about that previously. Ha! Love her. 

My c-section didn't start at 1:00 due to positive antibodies on my blood test that needed some further evaluation (my blood  is Rh negative).   Finally close to 2:00 pm they wheeled me back.  This was the part I hated --- being away from my husband.  It seems like forever until they called for him.  

Her actual birth and the first few initial moments of her life coming later.


Lindsey Daniel said...

Love the pictures and cant wait to read the next part of your birth story!!! =)

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Oh I can't wait to read the next part of Hadley's story! LOVE the pictures - precious memories.

Dianna said...

Eek I am so excited for part 2!

Andie said...

awww Congratulations again Tiffanie!

and I'm RH Negative too! I always wonder if there are lots of others like us!