Friday, November 15, 2013

five on friday { november style }

Winter, well Texas-style winter, hit here this week for a mere 48 hours.  I bribed my son with a fire in the good ol' fireplace that we get to use maybe five times a year.  My bribery worked, by the way.  It's also that time of the year for little guy's yearly cardiology work up.  Our appointment is on Thursday and we covet your prayers that morning.  This is his first follow- up since stopping his medication last year.  I'm praying it's a good one. 

Stinkin' holiday party and postpartum bodies don't mix well. Nothing fits right now.  I pretty much wear leggings or yoga pants 24/7.  I probably wouldn't go through the hassle of finding something and just stay home, but the Zac Brown Band is playing at said holiday party and I think they're fun so I'm there! 

So my gal and I hit up the galleria on Wednesday.  I nursed her twice in the Nordstrom ladies' lounge, which turns out to be also known as the nursing lounge, along with about five other moms. I found a dress that I think I am going to wear, but I fell in love with these shoes (pictured below) from Madewell that the stylist brought me to try on with the dress.  I left without the shoes.  Such is life on unpaid maternity leave and honestly, after 9 months of not wearing heels I don't know if I can sport these all night long at a holiday party. I pretty much love them though. Maybe Santa will hear my wishes. 

Speaking of postpartum, I'm in a serious fog.  I had a package shipped to my old address.  As in four years old address.  Fortunately that address is just down the street so I left the new homeowner a note.  She called the next day and I retrieved my package.  Same day I realized this, I also left my keys in the back door, making myself easily accessible to robbers and rapists,  Surely this "fog" is not here to stay!?  It's gotta be a temporary thing, right!?

Speaking of Santa, my little guy joined me on the couch last weekend for a little catalog browsing.  Turns out he wants a train table and "choo-choo trains" from Santa.  Surprise, surprise.  He is choo-choo obsessed. Every day since then he's asked "when santa coming, mommy?"  Time to find an advent calendar. This is the year that Elf on the Shelf is coming to our house.  His name is Zelf. 

My favorite, Houston area photographer came over on Halloween for Hadley's newborn pictures. She does such an amazing job of chronicling our life for us. Here's a sneak peek.

 Better late than never, but I'm linking up with Darci and friends for a little Five on Friday lovin'. 

Happy Friday! I'm super excited because this means the husband is home with me for the next two days! I'm still getting used to this whole mom-of-two thing.


Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Happy Friday! So very jealous that you get to see Zack Brown band! We went a couple of weeks ago and we love them!

And you look great, momma!

Rychelly said...

Those pics are to die for!! I went through a post partum "fog" too and luckily it didnt last long! Happy Friday!!

Jessi Otey said...

SO glad I found your adorable blog through the link-up! Your family is beautiful and THOSE shoes are fabulous!! (love the monogram in her nursery by the way!) Enjoy your weekend!

Courtney said...

That picture of the four of you is AMAZING!

Jana said...

I feel you about the post baby body and holiday party dresses! I need to find something for Greg's party in a few weeks but haven't wanted to try on anything yet.

Ashlynn said...

You and your family look amazing!!

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

absolutely STUNNING family pictures!!! so beautiful!! hope your weekend is off to the loveliest start! xx

Chicago Girl said...

Those pics are great! Love the dresses and shoes. I love heels, but after wearing boots at work all day, they kill me after about an hour.
Have fun at the holiday party!

emily said...

So totally random -- I wore the dress in the upper right hand corner (from Nordstrom) to my holiday party last year! I absolutely love it.

And my husband is starting where your husband works next Monday! I'm excited for their holiday party!