Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Preston's big boy room {finally}

Finally got some time to snap pictures of the big brother's big boy room to document here on the blog.

I'm not a huge theme person.  Meaning I don't tend to decorate rooms around a specific theme, but after seeing these from Rifle Paper Co., I knew that this room would have a little bit of a dog theme going without it screaming dogs. The dog prints were the very first thing that I purchased for this room.  Guess you could say the whole room was based around these. Thanks, Rifle Paper Co.

I love how the framed dog stationary from Rifle Paper Co turned out. There are two, one over each bed.

My second purchase for the room was this Dwell Studio rug. I saw it in a friend's house and immediately fell in love.  There's quite a bit of this orange-red color in the dog prints so I knew this rug would pull out that color. Plus, I knew the bright colors would be a nice contrast to our dark floors.  Said friend sent me an e-mail when the rug was listed for 50% off and that was it --- rug was ordered. 

I love to display his art from school and some of the crafts that we make here at home.  I threw up some twine and now clip his masterpieces (ha!) to it. 

The little Ikea table and chairs are a perfect fit between the door to his room and the door to his closet. Ironically so is a train table, and that's what he's asking Santa for this year.  He tells Zelf daily, "Santa buy me a train table, peez." 

My next purchase took me forever and a few hundred miles to find.  I searched high and low for a pair of Jenny Lind twin beds.  Craigslist for the win, but too bad they were located in Kerrville --- over 4 hours from here.  The husband agreed to make the drive one Saturday and the owner held them for us for a few weeks until he could get up there.  

We painted the beds in Annie Sloan's graphite.  You can see the before and after here

The pair of beds flank the window in the room and we put this dresser in front of the window, in between the beds.

I moved the letters that hung above his crib into his big boy room.  I just couldn't part with them yet.  I hung them on the wall that runs the length of his bed. 

The cedar chest that my Paw Paw built for him sits at the foot of his bed.  It makes me smile often as I constantly think of my grandfather every time I see it.  Miss him. 

After debating for a long time, I finally decided on shelves from Ikea.  The Gherkin hung them for me, and just like that the room was complete. 

Some of the details:
An old Pendleton blanket from his Daddy's younger years.  One of my favorite things in the room!
close-up of his masterpieces

wire hanging baskets from Land of Nod for added storage in his closet. Love these! 

For his first birthday we gave him a share of Disney stock, and this little certificate came with it.  I found an old leftover frame in a closet and put his certificate in there.

His Heart of Gold Willow Tree figurine.  (newbies, if you're unfamiliar with Preston's CHD, you can read about it here)
I love the little quote on the Disney Certificate.  It says Sometimes you'll be Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and maybe even Grumpy, but I hope you are always Happy at the end of the day

He was gifted a star in his name when he was born.  I framed the coordinates of his star to be displayed on his shelf. I think that's the coolest gift ever. 

clear book shelf from here

I adore this room.  It was definitely fun to create.  He likes it too.
Thanks for looking!


Kristin said...

What a perfect room! I'm dying over the dog booty hook. SO cute.

Shae said...

This is perfect! I love how you made so much of it personal with all of his little things. Good job, Mom!

Dianna said...

Love it!

Jen said...

Perfection! Love everything about this sweet big boy room! Great job!!!

Cami said...

It's so cute!! Love the beds (and that dog pillow!), love the Rifle prints, and love all the special, personal touches!

Alyssa said...

Such a cute big boy room!! My Preston has the same Heart of Gold Willow Tree figurine on his desk- in remembrance of his late great-grandpa.

Andie said...

precious! I am sort of anti-theme too... and I've been mentally trying to figure out a way to turn Andrew's room from babyish to big boy without making it super "themed" and like P, Andrew has a ton of unique little items that would be great for tying it all in! This is giving me inspiration for when I finally get this done (i'm waiting for him to get potty trained first so I can ditch the changing table)