Wednesday, December 18, 2013

a night at the spa {Massage Envy}

With two day dirty hair and spit up on my shoulder, I broke free after the kiddos were nestled all snug in their beds to go get a massage one evening this week.   Massage Envy to the rescue!  I love, love, love how accommodating they are over at Massage Envy as far as scheduling goes.  An 8 p.m. appointment window is right up my alley.  Put these kids to bed, pour a glass of wine, then get a massage.  

I could smell that spa smell immediately upon opening the doors.  I'm a scent person so, trust me, this is huge to me. I love the smell of essential oils like eucalyptus and lavender. So this definitely helped set the mood.  Until my brain started trying to figure out when was the last time I shaved my legs.  My poor masseuse.

After filling out a quick questionnaire, my masseuse, whose name was Natalie, met me within minutes and introduced herself.  I proceeded  to spill my whole life story to her.  No, not really.  I just informed her that I was breastfeeding and then cried to her about how bad my tendonitis hurts.  She asked if I wanted her to work on that area.  I think I said something like "if you can fix it then do it, if not then let's leave it alone."  After looking at it she opted for leaving it alone --- the less inflammation, the better.
I have a love/hate relationship with this face pillow.  Love it because it's part of a massage and I LOVE me some massages, but kind of hate it because I know I undoubtedly drool through that hole after I fall asleep.  Yes, I'm a drooler.
I adored my masseuse, Natalie.  She's been with Massage Envy for 2.5 years.  She listened to my concerns and acted appropriately, even applying just the right pressure to my upper back after hearing that I am a nursing mother.  Very important --- she did just the right amount of talking.  I personally don't like to talk during any spa treatments, but I don't want to come across as rude either.  Natalie knew just how to lead the conversation and when to let me sleep.  Ha!  She was super funny when I asked to take a picture with her.  She said she doesn't do pictures, but once I told her it was for my blog she was more than happy to cheese it up with me.  She had no idea prior to that moment that I was there on a blogger promotion.
ignore the oil in the bangs

Thanks, Natalie and Massage Envy for helping me feel like a new woman! 
I can't wait to try one of their facials.   
Don't forget their current holiday special. Buy two gift cards and get a free one hour massage. 

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