Thursday, December 12, 2013


This boy cracks me up daily.
This boy also wears me out daily.
Below are some things I want to remember about this time in his life.
The he's-almost-three time in his life.

My favorite Preston quotes of recent:

Baby Haddie, pretty.
Tickle, Tickle, Tickle.
Baby Haddie, crying.

His name is Piston. ha!

It's 9,10,20.   11 through 19 don't exist in his world.

He's got his Thank You and You're Welcome down, but too bad he thinks you should always say both at the same time.  So it's "thank you, you're welcome, mommy." I know I should focus more on teaching him the appropriate time to thank someone and the appropriate time to say you're welcome, but I can't wipe that huge smile off my face when he says both at the same time.

Every toy commercial that comes on (and there's a lot since it's Christmas time) he says, "I buy dat, peez."

He and I were walking just before sun down a couple of weeks ago and he stops in the middle of the street and makes pretend binoculars with his hands and say "I look for owls, mommy."  He looks up in the trees, through his pretend binoculars and then says "neva mind, it's too shiny for owls right now."  Shiny.  I love it.

 His first year in early preschool has been great for him. He's learning so much!  He loves school, but still cries (more like whimpers) when it's time to go and especially when he walks into his class room.  Do not worry, though, those tears are only because he knows his teacher (Ms. Margarita) will sing to him when he gets there if he's sad.  He's totally playing the game.  So is she.

Santa sent Zelf to our house this year.  I worried that Preston wouldn't get it yet, but he totally gets it.  He doesn't know how he feels about sharing his trains with Zelf, though.  This ate at him all day long. It made for a pretty sweet conversation though.

 I can't believe he's three in less than a month. How in the world?


Jessi said...

I know, CRAZY isn't it. JW will be 3 in 9 days, YIKES!

Chloe West said...

Precious!!! I just love the adorable things that kids say. My little boy is ten months, so he's not talking yet, but I can't wait to hear what shenanigans will come out of his mouth! :)

klb said...

OH mommy. How could you let Zelf tempt him so much? Really allowing Zelf to play with "Piston's" trains took a great deal of self control. Zelf better tell Santa how good P was about sharing. That is worth lots and lots of stuff.......just saying.