Sunday, December 1, 2013

Preston's Cardiology Update

The Thursday before Thanskgiving we headed back to Texas Children's Hospital for Preston's annual cardiology work-up.  It's been a year since he stopped his medication, and although, his overly active, never-sit-still behavior told me his heart was healthy, I still couldn't help but wonder if the stopping his medication poorly affected his heart function.

A couple of weeks before his appointment, I started talking to him about his appointment.  I told him they wanted to take pictures of his heart and his belly button.  At bedtime I would use my phone as a pretend wand and rub it over his chest and tummy showing him how they would take pictures of his heart.  As you can see in the video below, he was ready and seemed even excited about it.

We let him wear his pjs and slippers.  I mean, it was a pick-your-battles kind of morning. I even offered "pizes" in exchange for his cooperation!

a wrapped Elf on the Shelf movie for him to watch during his Echo.

weight and height check  // a whopping 27 pounds.
blood pressure check 

I let him open his movie just before heading to the Echo room.  Bribery at its finest.

He was all smiles.  Never even a whimper. 

After a quick chest X-RAY, we waited for the cardiologist.

showing him St. Lukes, where he was born
Little seester wore her hearts, gave a few smiles, and loved supporting her big brother.

His cardiologist came in.  She played with him a bit, watched him interact, and asked us if we had any concerns, which, really, we didn't.  She says his heart function looks good. She's not concerned with how his heart function looks at all.  She said his heart is still large, but measures exactly the same as last year. Overall she thinks he still needs to grow into his heart. I try, really I do, but he's such a picky eater.  Super frustrating. {sigh}

She said his heart valves are still sloppy appearing but they function just fine.  There might be mild to trivial aortic regurgitation, but overall she's not concerned.  She again says she doesn't anticipate any problems and will consider stress testing him to look for arrhythmias as he gets older.  Until then we will see her yearly. 

So proud of this boy!  Hard to believe he'll be three in just a month.  Holy crapola.


Dianna said...

Wonderful news! I am sure you are glad to check that off the list until next year.

Natalie said...

I know you have to be relieved to hear that everything is still okay. I can't believe it's been three years since Preston was born--I've been reading your blog since then, and it's crazy how fast that time went!!