Wednesday, January 30, 2013

it's a date


I took the day off.  Gherkin took the day off.  Rosa's on P watch.  So we're having a date day.

There's definitely a movie on the agenda.  Not sure which one yet.

Maybe lunch here.  Or maybe sushi.  Sushi is the way to my heart, you know. 

Then we'll see where the rest of the day takes us. 


Monday, January 28, 2013

two year stats

He's finally above the 10th percentile. 


 @ 18 months 

@ 15 months

Friday, January 25, 2013

weekly ramblings.

  • I'm totally the person who thought it was Downtown Abbey for the longest.  Thank you, Hannah, for so gracefully correcting me.  I recently started watching it from the beginning on DVD.   I finished season one, and I'm hooked.  
  • I'm digging this OPI color. 
  • I love this recipe.  I made it this week, for the second time, and I added some cubed prosciutto.  Ate it for dinner one night and lunch one day. 
  • I've ordered so many boxes of girl scout cookies that I've lost count.  I'm pretty sure there's a sign in my yard that reads look cute, give a sales pitch, score an order.  These are my favorites. 
  • This.  This just might be a preview of Gherkin and Preston in a few years.  
  • I love this paint color.  See it again here too.   In fact I love everything about that second room.  It's called Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore. 
  • And that reminds me, I secretly wanted to change my name when I was a young girl.  I wanted to be a Chelsea.  Mainly a Chelsea.  Sometimes a Stephanie though.
  • This week was a doozy, and I'm glad to see it end.  I'm stressing over swim lessons and mother's day out programs for the P-man. You know, just sweating the small stuff as usual.  Ugh
  • The good news is that we get to see Pooh-Bear, also known as Poo-Poo in toddler language, this weekend.   
  • Have a two year check-up to get to so that's a wrap.  Have a good weekend!

Monday, January 21, 2013

product of the week: aqua zinger

Bought this little thing called the Aqua Zinger back in October while shopping with my besties, and turns out that I like it more than expected. 

I fill it with whatever fruit combos I have on hand.  This day I use pomegranates, blueberries, and juice from a meyer lemon. 

The fruit goes in the bottom canister (a lid goes over the bottom canister that serves as a strainer and with teeth, if you will, that as turned against the teeth below to break up the fruit and expel the juices)

Then you fill it with water, shake it well, and put in the fridge for a few hours. 

And ta-da.

I purchased mine from Brookstone

Friday, January 18, 2013

valentine's day for the kiddos.

valentine's day 2013
valentine's day 2013 by pineapplesandpickles on Polyvore

Ink Garden has a special for new customers only running through Feb. 28th for $5 customized pillow cases using PILLOW5 at check out.  These would be great Valentine's Day gifts for the kiddos in your life.  Below is a screenshot of the one I created for Preston in their create your own option.

weekly ramblings

  • I've managed to tear my meniscus or so they're saying.   I'm now participating in a little physical therapy.  That's going to work, right?  I'm not a surgical candidate.  Mentally, I mean.  I mentally can't wrap my head around any type of surgery.  So if you see me, ignore the fact that I'm not walking like a human for a while. 

  • I've always dreamed of having a kid who when asked if they're ready to go to bed they'll answer with a compliant yes and head to bed.  His own bed, might I add.  I have that right now.  Gherkin wants to know who took his child and when you'll return him.  I know this is only temporary and he'll fight bedtime again in the future, but I'm enjoying it for now. 

  • My friend (hi Christin!) had a pair of these Jolt jeans that I wore while she was visiting a few weeks ago.  I loved them.  The price is right.  So I bought them.  

  • A patient brought us a ton of homegrown Meyer lemons from her tree.  Thinking of making some of this and some of this.  I left my heart in Italy a few years ago, and these remind me of there.

  • Snatched up these big truck pjs from Gap (no longer available) a few months ago.  P wore them for the first time this week. Why big trucks?  Because they remind me of my MawMaw and PawPaw and their trucking company.  Miss them. 

Happy Friday and Happy weekend!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

preston's dino brunch birthday party

Preston's second birthday was dinosaur themed.  We threw a dino brunch.  A very wet dino brunch.  It rained

Minus the five minute meltdown (sorry, Gherkin) I had about fifteen minutes before guests started arriving, I'd say that all in all, I kept it together well given the circumstances of rain and a knee injury. 

So here are the details and the picture dump from the party.  Special thanks to Kristy Owens for once again capturing such special memories for us to have and to share.

the invitation
yummy cake by Eggleston's Edibles
Guest book : How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday?
I hope to find a book each year (that fits the theme of his party)  to have his guests sign.
the cute little dinosaurs that threw up on my house

I hadn't had a Bugle in years, but got the idea to serve them as "dino toe-nails" from pinterest.  
Good news is I haven't been missing anything (ignore the fact I ate half of the bag). 

toasted marshmellow jelly beans  =  dino eggs

Using a free printable (see sources below), I made these paper containers and
sent guests home with their own dinosaur eggs (aka toasted marshemellow jelly beans).

What we did:

With the rain, we were forced to set the activities up in the garage. 

I covered a plastic swimming pool we had sitting around in our back yard with burlap and
Mr. Gherkin filled it with sand.  I buried dinosaurs in the sand and let the kids excavate them using
some cheap paint brushes.   Please note that I can not take credit for this idea.  Pinterest, of course
I picked up 18 eggs on a last minute grocery store trip after seeing the forecast change
 to include 150% chance of rain.  Ugh.  It was a game time decision but I boiled the eggs
for the kiddos to paint their own dino egg.
Sorry, mommas, that party got real dirty, real quick!

And boys will be boys.  They wouldn't let a little bit of rain stop them.  They were all playing in the rain. 

Sorry to the mommas whose kiddos left wet.  Mother Nature, I tell you, she's a rough one to deal with.

Even the girls weren't scared to get wet.

the dad life (which may have included a beer AND a donut while at the party)

Make a wish.  Rosa and I let him practice blowing out candles all week.  :)

Unlike last year, this boy was excited about his cake this year.
his nana.
my family.

my two year old.   sigh.


dino shirt:  this Etsy shop 
cake:  Eggleston's Edibles, Houston, Texas
invitations: Shutterfly
favors :  free printable from here
dinosaurs for dino dig: from Amazon, here
36 inch balloons: one left over form last year, one new --- both from here.
paper goods:  DIY, by yours truly

Monday, January 14, 2013

new look

Pineapples & Pickles received a facelift.  A new year.  A new look. 

Thank you Angela at Saffron Avenue for being a pleasure to work with and for revamping my little space here on the internet.  My little outlet. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

what's on my mind :: it's raining, it's pouring.

So the sun's been tucked behind rain clouds for the good part of 2013, and I've enjoyed it immensely. 

It's been rainy (with a few days of some fairly cool temps) here in Texas.   It's the beginning of a new year.  The hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, all the festiveness of the decor has been packed away, and the birthday party is done, which usually means one thing ... irritable and depressed Tiffanie.   

This year, though, I feel differently.  

I'm enjoying the rain.  It's almost like it's washing off the oldness of 2012 to make way for the newness of 2013.  Maybe it's just coincidence and timing, but it's almost as if it's helped me slow down just long enough to see just how excited I am about the new year. Plus it's a good excuse to cuddle up inside with my family after the busiest holiday season we've ever had.  And who doesn't love a good excuse to wear wellies?

I'm excited about work this year.  I've taken on some extra responsibility at work which has helped me find some motivation that I was lacking before.  I was unsure at first since it would require a little bit more time away from my family.  I prayed about it, and I've discerned that it's the right decision for me right now.

I'm excited about what the future holds for my little family.  And no, not pregnant, peeps. 

So bring on the rain.  And I'll bust out my wellies (which are juniors --- not  adults --- and for a fraction of the cost of adult sizes.  The benefit to having small feet :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

and so it begins { the big boy room }.

With a two year old on my hands, I've got the itch to switch (like that rhyme, huh?) Preston's room to a more appropriate toddler room.

He's ready.  He's not in a crib anymore, and I'm happy to announce that Preston has been sleeping most of every night this week in his converted toddler crib without fuss.  This was our first week.  On Sunday I put on my big girl panties, sucked it up and just did it.  He was out peacefully within 15 minutes on the first night.  We were both speechless but I didn't dare breath a sigh of relief that night though knowing things could change in the drop of a hat.  The rest of the week was not quite as easy as he's managed to weasel his way into our bed by about 4 a.m. every night.  

That being said, we're still working on it and I think he's ready for a big boy room.

It's changing daily, but here's what I'm envisioning today --- neutral colors, a pop of red here and there,   and dogs.  Yes, dogs.

big boy dog room1
To be honest, it all started with these Rifle Paper Co. dog cards.  I've had my eye on them for a while, and think they'll be super cute framed with a matte in the big boy room.  Thank you, Santa, for dropping them off at my house.  I especially love the dog with the wellies on.

 I never thought I'd be one to choose a theme for his room, but it seems I've gone doggone crazy this time. :)

I'm thinking the paint color will be my favorite --- Martin Senour's linen weave.  Now I just need to find two matching twin beads.   Craigslists, here I come.

And find a rug, which I dread.  Rugs are my least favorite items to purchase.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

dress rehearsal.

For the second time since the new year, in two different devotionals, I've read these exact words, "life is not a dress rehearsal."  

The first time I read it I knew I liked it.  In fact I shared a screen shot of the devotion on instagram. 

The second time I read it, five days later to be exact, I did a double take and was all like "whoa, somebody's trying to tell me something."  

 I'm easily motivated that way, and I totally believe in signs. 

So reading this twice, within the first 5 days of this new year, I think I've found my motto for this year.  My word(s) for 2013, if you will. 

Found this cute little site via pinterest  this week so I turned my little motto for Twenty-Thirteen into a poster. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

preston does two { with two cupcakes }.

So we woke up to cold temps and runny noses on Preston's actual birthday, but that didn't stop us from celebrating.  

We started the day by heading to Crave Cupcakes for a mid-morning breakfast.  They serve breakfast cupcakes, and I love their coffee (thanks to Katie!).
After enjoying an almond-cranberry cupcake and a cake-donut cupcake, we grabbed a few to go for an after dinner treat for later that night. 

I then went to Barnes and Nobles to pick up a few gifts and got stuck for an hour in the kid's area.  Preston made a new friend and they shared and played with trains for close to an hour.  Turned out to be a nice way to kill an hour and visit with another mom before nap time.  He feel asleep in the car on the way home.  Easy peasy.  

After pizza that night, we let P blow out his candle and eat his cupcake.  Chocolate on vanilla. One of my favorites.

don't mind the bruise on his forehead. playground accident.

I was glad his actual birthday fell on a Friday and that I could be home to spend the day with him.  Consider January 4th a holiday on my schedule from here on out.

So far two is looking good.