Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Classroom Valentine's Day Cards

For the past couple of years I have picked Minted for our cards.  Last year Preston gave these out for Valentine's Day and to his friends who walked with us in the It's My Heart walk to raise awareness for Congenital Heart Defects.  The year before that we picked these.
My little secret and what I love about Minted is that you can personalize them to say something more generic than Happy Valentine's Day so that we can use the remaining throughout the year for birthday gifts and for little notes to neighbors and friends.
Here are a couple of examples I created on the Minted website.
Here are some of my favorites.  I love that you can also personalize these cards with a photo!
all cards can be found here
Use the promo code CUPID to enjoy free shipping on all classroom cards until 2.4.14.
And with all that said I can't believe it's almost February already.



Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Preston's Home Depot Birthday

We had Preston's third birthday party at Home Depot.  I've read about a couple of parties online so I called around one day and found that our Home Depot was more than happy to host Preston's party.  We were their first.  First of many, I hope.
invite by Simple and Posh
Home Depot offers free kids workshops once a month. Preston and his daddy have been and they loved it.  So one of the store managers let us pick from left over inventory from their kids workshops so that each guest could build their own wooden craft.  Loved all the parent participation too --- some even ended up with smashed fingers as their kiddos hammered away while they held the nails.  Such troopers!
 I kept the decor minimal.  Such is life with a newborn. Really, though, Home Depot provided almost everything.  I recycled some left over green table clothes from last year and I reused the big 36" balloons from his second birthday party again this year.  I ordered the yellow hard hats from Amazon and printed a last minute, downloadable, Happy Birthday banner from etsy last minute.  I wanted to hang it from an orange extension cord, but Hadley, of course, decided she was extra hungry and nursed super long when it was time to head up there to decorate so I didn't dare hassle with the extension cord.  My aunt and super helpful niece taped it up instead along with some of my favorite pictures of P throughout the years.
Home Depot provided the super cute, mini-sized tool belts for the kids. 
cake by Eggleston's Edibles
the birthday boy
 Preston made a tic-tac-toe game complete with minion stickers.

The kids also got their own Home Depot pin upon completion.


Here are some of his guests - his very hard working guests. 


These Home Depot employees were awesome!  First of all and more importantly, they helped entertain the kids as well as helped them complete their craft.  Then they didn't let me lift a finger.  They helped serve the pizza and then the cake.  I'm fairly certain that wasn't in their job description, but they rocked it! After having his birthday parties at our house the past two years, I just got super spoiled by these ladies.


 Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate.
BIG, huge, ginormous thank you to our local Home Depot for hosting Preston's birthday party!
Check out the free kids workshops at Home Depot.  They are the first Saturday of every month.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

HEV :: 3 months

Just like that you are smiling and cooing.
You hate tummy time so I don't look for you to turn over any time soon.
You weigh 12 pounds.
You're still a good nurser and you sleep like a rockstar at night though you do wake up to nurse once most nights.
You are a fairly good sleeper during the day, but you fight sleep so much during the day and get overstimulated all too easily.
You have a mild and meek little personality developing, it's so gentle and sweet.  I think you will be much like your daddy.
Your eyes are still blue. I'd guess they are staying at this point, but time will tell.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

sweet P, apple of my eye.

Happy birthday, P!
This has been the best year yet!  You are so fun and full of life.  Not going to lie, you wear us out, but it's totally worth it.  We'll sleep and be lazy again in 18ish years, and then we'll miss you like crazy and wish you were home to wear us out again.
Below is a video of some of my favorite pictures of you this year.

When we ask you how old you are now, sometimes you'll say three but mostly you just say "bigger."
This morning, over cupcakes and coffee (I mean is there a better way to start your birthday than with cupcakes?), your daddy asked you about your friends.  You, without hesitation, replied, "My best friend is daddy."  That's very true, and I pray you're still saying that when you are 18 and then again when you are 30. 
I will never forget the words I read from my Jesus Calling devotional on January 7th, 2011 which was just three days after your birth and one day after your life-saving open heart surgery ---
"It is impossible to praise or thank me too much."
Those words are so very true.  I thank God for you every day.  Yes, even on our bad days, and especially on our good days.