Tuesday, January 7, 2014

HEV :: 3 months

Just like that you are smiling and cooing.
You hate tummy time so I don't look for you to turn over any time soon.
You weigh 12 pounds.
You're still a good nurser and you sleep like a rockstar at night though you do wake up to nurse once most nights.
You are a fairly good sleeper during the day, but you fight sleep so much during the day and get overstimulated all too easily.
You have a mild and meek little personality developing, it's so gentle and sweet.  I think you will be much like your daddy.
Your eyes are still blue. I'd guess they are staying at this point, but time will tell.


Jodi said...

She is getting so big! So adorable!

Amber Parker Collins said...

I v been away from reading blogs over the holidays and your littlest nugget has grown so mush! What a cutie!

Bec74 said...

She is freaking adorable :)

The Gifted Gabber said...

What a sweetie! Thanks for sharing her!
Amy @ http://www.thegiftedgabber.com/

Jennifer said...

She is gorgeous!

Brittney said...

Love seeing her little personality come out!