Saturday, January 4, 2014

sweet P, apple of my eye.

Happy birthday, P!
This has been the best year yet!  You are so fun and full of life.  Not going to lie, you wear us out, but it's totally worth it.  We'll sleep and be lazy again in 18ish years, and then we'll miss you like crazy and wish you were home to wear us out again.
Below is a video of some of my favorite pictures of you this year.

When we ask you how old you are now, sometimes you'll say three but mostly you just say "bigger."
This morning, over cupcakes and coffee (I mean is there a better way to start your birthday than with cupcakes?), your daddy asked you about your friends.  You, without hesitation, replied, "My best friend is daddy."  That's very true, and I pray you're still saying that when you are 18 and then again when you are 30. 
I will never forget the words I read from my Jesus Calling devotional on January 7th, 2011 which was just three days after your birth and one day after your life-saving open heart surgery ---
"It is impossible to praise or thank me too much."
Those words are so very true.  I thank God for you every day.  Yes, even on our bad days, and especially on our good days.


Elizabeth Conaway said...

Can't even tell you how much my family loves this boy, even Ellen ;)

Samantha said...

Happy birthday Preston!