Saturday, February 8, 2014

HEV :: 4 months

she smiles.
she coos.
she laughs out loud.

 she weighs about 12.5 pounds
she LOVES to kick her feet.
she tries to bear weight on her legs

 she HATES tummy time. 
i don't look for her to be an early crawler and I'm a-okay with that. 

she is a great sleeper for the most part.
she still sleeps in a bassinet in our room, but I think I'm going to try her in her crib in a few more weeks.
she's trying to quit nursing.
she loves her a bottle.
i anticipate i will be exclusively a pumping mom before long.
that makes me incredibly sad.
i love that constant and consistent closeness with her.
and formula stinks as in smells really bad.

 she loves her paci and has found her thumb a few times now.
she's a morning person as in she's happy when she wakes up.
she definitely gets that from her daddy.

she's the sweetest thing ever.
i love her so.


Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

She is so beautiful! Hope to get to meet her soon :) Hugs!

Jodi said...

So sweet! My daughter is starting to rock back and forth on her hands and knees...I don't know how much longer until she starts crawling. I'm ok with her taking her good ol' time ;)

Dianna said...

She is so cute! I hope she changes her mind about quitting nursing.