Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014 // Hadley's first.

Our Easter Sunday was pretty special and it was so fun to celebrate with sweet Hadley this year.

Truth is our Easter weekend was fantabulous.  It started with the hubby and I having a little staycation with dinner and a hotel room downtown on Friday night.  It was nice to get some solid sleep without the white noise blaring over the monitor. 

Preston is very anti-picture-taking these days so I have many pictures of Hadley and just a handful of Preston. 

I can't wait to have this one printed on on my wall.  

This was by far Preston's favorite gift from the Easter Bunny --- well except for the water guns that the stinkin' Easter bunny brought him --- he sprayed us all afternoon long. 

After eating lunch, we hunted eggs with our neighbors (LOVE them!). 

Preston and his girlfriend, Alyse, hunting eggs together. 

Look at Alyse's hand on Preston's back.  Dying!

KK spent the weekend and holiday with us.  So glad she was here. 

The Easter Bunny brought Hadley her own talking and singing Minnie Mouse --- it was so cute to see her interacting with it yesterday afternoon.