Saturday, June 7, 2014

just because

This post brought to you ...  just because I want to document these pics of my littles!

When I put Hadley down now she takes off crawling.  She's fast and she heads off to one of two places --- her bubba's room or the bathroom.  She loves just being in P's room (it's toys galore in there) though she's really after one thing --- his beloved train table. See ... 

In addition to his obsession with all things choo-choo, Preston loves to play basketball, football, and/or soccer. He often gets them all mixed up (says football when it's really basketball), but it's all the same to him and he has fun doing it.  In fact, he told me he wanted to "play soccer next week" as in he wanted to sign up to play with friends.  It might not happen next week, but that's all he had to say ... I'm off to the Y this fall to sign my boy (my heart baby) up for soccer.  Thank you, Lord, for his health and for your continued provision over his little life. 

Back to Hadley, I swear she is getting more hair --- it's just light and it's starting from the back and slowly making its way forward.  Forget the hair, though, I really don't notice because I can't get past her blue eyes.  So many people have warned me or told me stories about how their blue-eyed kids or grandkids were blue as a baby and then turned green when the kiddos were about 2 or 3 years old.  Since my mom had green eyes and Tony's mom has green eyes, I won't be surprised if that happens.  Either way, I love them. 

She pulls up and stands on everything she can. I wasn't quite ready for this stage just yet, but it's here.  I fear she will be walking, or rather stumbling, soon. 

Above all else, I LOVE to see Preston and Hadley interacting together.  Today on our walk, he keep reaching over from his stroller seat and patting her leg until she was asleep.  Tony and I just nudge each other and smile without saying anything --- Preston will stop if he hears us talking about it. 

They are seriously having a lot of fun together already, and I can imagine it will only get better from here. 

Yes, I know this picture is as blurry as all get out, but I love it because I love his little smile and laugh.  It's truly contagious. 

Earlier this week as Preston and I were driving to school, he looked out the window and said "I wish a big storm would come. And a big crack."  translation: crack = thunder  I asked why and said "wouldn't you be scared?"  He goes "No, we could snuggle." And with his duh-don't-you-know expression he says, "All boys like to snuggle with their mommies."

These two are pretty awesome.  I couldn't love them more if I tried.

And, I can't even believe that Miss Hadley is 8 months old today.


Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Oh my. Such beautiful children. Let me warn you one thing: when you see Preston running around in his very first soccer game, you will cry. At least I did when I saw Q "play" :) It will be an amazing moment. And coming from 2 green eyed parents with a child that has baby blues, they are still there so it could happen!

Andie said...

awww this is so so sweet. love it. :) They are realy growing up so much and I love how sweet Preston is to Hadley. So adorable.

And he looks so much taller!! did he grow overnight? :)

Bsanford said...

So very sweet! Love watching your kiddos grow! They definitely get too big too fast! I can't wait to see pics of P playing soccer!! It rained here today with lots of "cracks"! I hope you guys get some of it too so you can snuggle!! :D