Tuesday, August 19, 2014

An ode to our Ya-Ya.

With tears streamed down my face and so many sweet memories in our hearts, we waved good-bye to our nanny yesterday afternoon.  Other than the occasional baby-sitting visits here and there, yesterday was her last day as our nanny. 

She started working with us when Preston was 3 months old --- you can see above just how much he grew to love her over the past three years. Because of Preston's heart condition and his open heart surgery as an infant, the doctors recommended a nanny as opposed to day care.  We hired Rosa with the intentions of keeping her for about a year, BUT we fell in love with her and so did my kids.  Our neighbors constantly told us how impressed they were when they saw Rosa with my kids --- "she really loves them," they would say.  They were right. 

Preston called her "mama" and me "mama" for the first two years of his life.  The husband got a big kick out of that, and really liked to pour salt on an open wound with that one.  Deep down, though, I was just so glad Preston was loved and cared for so well.  It was much easier leaving the home for our day jobs knowing that he was with her. I'm fairly certain that she held Preston all day, every day for the first two years of his life.  She was so protective of my kids --- I almost thought she was going to throw down with another nanny at the park one day because said nanny called Preston a "mean boy."  It took Rosa awhile (months, maybe even a year) to calm down after that. :)

After two years of calling her "mama," he then started calling her Ya-Ya.  Not sure where or how he came up with that, but it stuck and we loved it.  Then came Hadley!  She certainly had her hands full with both, and she was always sure to have her alone time with Preston each and every day.  She was sure to fatten my little 5 pound baby right on up.  We can think Ya-Ya for all those rolls you see!

God's hand has been in this relationship the whole time.  From the way we heard about Rosa, then to our meeting her for the first time, the way we joke that our "dogs hired Rosa" the moment she walked in, to the timing of her leaving our family and the kids starting full time preschool and daycare, God was in it all.  

Ya-Ya has a grandbaby of her own now, born on August 14th, who she will be helping take care of. Plus the following day they received two offers on their house so very soon she and her family will be relocating further away with an unrealistic commute to our house daily.  Then her last day was the 18th.  Talk about perfect timing, huh?!  That gives me complete peace that we are right where God wants us all to be.

So as we walked Ya-Ya out yesterday, she and I both with tears spilling, we gave her hugs and told her once again just how much she meant to us. We will never forget her.  We hope that she comes back to visit and babysit occasionally.  Preston's already said he wants to go spend the night with her soon.  I'm praying that my plants don't die --- Ya-Ya definitely has a green thumb and she is the orchid-whisperer.  She can get an orchid to bloom over and over again. 

We know that any life Ya-Ya touches will be blessed.  So we said good-bye so she can go bless other children's lives the way she's blessed ours. We love you, Ya-Ya, and we miss you already.


Samantha said...

Wow. I did not even know her and I am emotional for you. I am so glad that you found her.

{flip flops, pearls and wine} said...

OMgosh, I am in tears.... what special memories to cherish forever!!
Hope all has been well! I am FINALLY back in the blogging world, obviously I have LOTS to catch up on.
Blessings, Daph

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Oh friend. This is such a special and touching post. My heart hurts for y'all. But how lucky you were to have YaYa all this time! xo

Jessi said...

It is amazing how a perfect nanny can calm all the mommy fears. So glad you had 3 years with her!

Dianna said...

This is so sweet and sad. I hope your kiddos transition to preschool and day-care seamlessly.

Andie said...

I don't even know Ya Ya but I can feel how much y'all will miss her just in your post!