Tuesday, September 9, 2014

PRV's Heart Heroes Cape

Preston has just recently became interested in all things superhero related. It's fun to watch his interests change as he grows. 

Earlier this year I sent in a request for a heart heroes cape to be made for him, and it came in the mail just about a month ago ---  and just about the time he really started paying attention to all the super hero stuff!

Thank you to the folks over at Heart Heroes for making this little super-hero dude smile.

I love his excitment when he gets something new.  He always says "for me?"  Then he says the mail man bought it for him.  That might be a sign that I shop online way too much.  ;)

I'm so thankful for his health and his good prognosis.  I know there are others out there who have and are dealing with difficult situations and who hear bad prognosis after bad prognosis.  I know that our sitation could have been far worse.  I try never to take our blessings for granted --- I'm thankful every day for this guys, his health, and the miracle that we were granted with him.

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