Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lately ...

Soooo, I doubt that anybody still comes to this ol' blog since I never update it anymore. Sorry. I'm playing catch up, though, and have a ton of random, yet sweet, memories and pictures to share! 

Preston's playing soccer shots at school and he loves it! 

Hadley bug is full on walking and cruising every where.

And they like to driveway dance and preferably to Pharrell's Happy.  

 I've been super busy lately, but all for a good reason.  In September, I spent a weekend away with two of my besties.  We really stunk at taking pictures and documenting the whole weekend.  The following weekend I spent the weekend with Houston Moms Blog and many other City Moms Blog Network cities for a fun conference, and I got to meet a couple "friends" who I've "known" for years through blogging and social media.  Friends who prayed for us during Preston's uncertainty and his open heart surgery, and friends we've prayed for off and on through the years.  It's crazy how social media can connect people from all over and create such a community! I'm glad that I can now say I "know" these ladies in real life, and not just through social media now. 

Our Ya-Ya took Preston for the weekend in early October, and we got some sweet alone time with Hadley --- just a few days shy of her first birthday. I know I am 100% biased, but y'all, isn't she beautiful?!

Of course we've already hit up the pumpkin patch a couple of times now! Preston was extremely sad to leave his Ya-Ya's house just before church and the pumpkin patch so I only got one smile from him below and that was a fake, half-smile. That boy loves his Ya-Ya.

 Hadley loved the pumpkins!

She turned O-N-E on the 7th.  Sorry for the blurry pic below, but it's the last picture I have of her as an eleven-month old.  The last picture of her as a true baby, though she'll always be my baby girl. 

We celebrated her birthday with sprinkles and donuts that morning and then her 12 month check up and vaccines later that day.  

Again it's blurry, but we love pumpkins and skeletons around here! 
Here is this years skeleton picture ::

Here is last years ::

Sweet things! They've changed a lot over the year, and I love them more and more every day. 

For the past couple of years, we've been involved in starting a new worship community here in Houston. It's called The Story.  The website is still in development, but you can check out the Facebook page here.  Today was the first preview service, and it was amazing. Good music, good food, great message, standing room only.  I can't wait to see the great things God does through this community. 

Preston LOVES school and his friends!  He uses the word "dude" all the time and it cracks me up ... except when he uses it sarcastically.  Most of the time it's cute, though.  Like "Hey, mom, let's go, dude" or "You're silly, dude."

So that's us as of late.  Busy, but blessed. And trying to take as many pictures as I can because time is flying by.  


Lisa Brown said...

Great photography :)

Katharine @ SouthernBourbonMountains said...

Love the update and we LOVED soccer shots too! What a great organization. And your little girl's pumpkin dress is beyond adorable