Sunday, December 28, 2014

Falalalala --- our Christmas recap.

We had such a great holiday season, though, I will admit that I was constantly shaking the bah-humbug feeling all month long.  This has never happened before (I LOVE the holidays), but at the end of the day we just overcommitted and over scheduled.  There was just a lot going on.  Going to avoid this next year.  I expect you guys to remind me of this come November 2015. 

Even though I struggled with the bah-hugbugness of it all, I must admit that Christmas as a parent is sooo much fun. Here are some of my favorite snaps of our holiday season that I definitely wanted to document here.

First up, the hubby's company throws a kids' holiday party each year.  Here are our pics from it, complete with a Santa pic.  

Now that Miss Hadley has more hair and that it's actually growing, we can see the curls in the back of her hair.  In love!  She is finally letting me play with her hair some.  First pigtails coming later here. 

Preston teased the Grinch. 

Hadley clearly wasn't a fan of Santa, but we threw her on Santa's lap again later that day.  Ha!

Then there was our Sunday School Christmas party.  Love this group of people!

He needed a new helmet.  So why not a teenage mutant ninja turtle helmet? And why not wear it 24/7 and not just when on his bike?

So other randoms ... 

Hadley likes to climb.  She is my climber.  No worries, though, big brother to the rescue.  Really, he wanted to make sure she kept her hands off of Zelf (our elf on the shelf) who was hanging out just inches above her in his stocking. 

This picture will always make me smile because any time he has his Buzz Lightyear pjs on, he will point push the buttons on the shirt and say "Star Command, star command, come in, come in."  Another button makes him jump in place. Love his imagination!

See, pigtails!!!!!!

Now Christmas ... 

 Pigtails, again!

Santa came early on Christmas eve to give each child some special gifts. 

This is Hadley's version of a hug.  Her hugs are pretty darn awesome. 

Santa came to our house. 

Learning all about her new kitchen!

This gift, though, was the hit of the year!  I asked him if he wanted to name it.  Of course he did --- and of course, it's name is Polar Express.  He watches it for hours --- stopping every once and a while to "pick up the kids."

He is digging his new superman backpack. 

Christmas Day was beautiful --- we enjoyed some much needed sunlight and mimosas on the culdesac.  I love this pic of all the parents watching the kiddos play. 

And, finally, I adore how he says caboose. I hope he says it this way forever ;)

Phew, that was a lot of catching up over the past week.  Now I have a 4 year old birthday party to throw on Saturday. {{tear}}  I promise I will be more diligent in updating the blog next year. 

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Dianna said...

I absolutely love their Christmas outfits! I love gingham and dream of needing to buy a smocked dress!