Tuesday, December 23, 2014

We be holidaying ... with Adam Levine.

If I die tomorrow then I'll die a happy woman because I saw Maroon 5 and Adam Levine at the hubby's company Holiday party on 12.13.14. 

Each year we spend the night in The Woodlands for said holiday party (the company pays for a portion of the hotel room plus there's free booze so we don't think of driving). The Gerkin and I always enjoy our night alone, kid-free, and this year was no exception.  I definitely enjoyed my company (the hubs and Kristy from Seven Graces), buuut Adam Levine was in the house and I might adore him a little bit.  

The hubs is fully aware of my love affair with Mr. Levine --- he's come to terms with it. In fact, lovely hubby kept snapping pics of me during the concert because I couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear. 

Anyhow, back to the preshow for a second. We did some mock gambling with these lovelies.  About 45 minutes before Maroon 5 was said to come on we all decided to "go all in" and we lost our butts.  We took that as a sign, and it was then we decided to go into the concert hall.  Good thing we did because it was filling up fast, but we snagged some space at the corner of the stage and stood our ground.  There were some feisty women there, and I'm quite certain that one feisty little grandma fighting her way to the front had absolutely no idea who Adam Levine was prior to this night.  :)

Kristy and I plus our DryBar blow outs!

Now for the good part. Here are the 243 pictures I snapped of Adam plus my combined video footage   from the night. Eat your heart out, ladies! 


My apologies for the poor sound.  We were right beside the speaker which means the Gerkin's selective hearing just got way worse. 

So fun! Love you, Gerkin and AL! 

Not sure how his company will ever top this party!

Then, the glory of it all, is that we walked right up to our room for a good night's sleep with no little people or dogs in our bed.  Dare I say that I missed them all, though. 

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Kristy {Seven Graces} said...

Oh my goodness! How am I just now seeing this?! That was the best day and night ever! Can we do it again? All of it? Miss you, friend!