Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Life Lately.

So remember Preston's fourth birthday party at The Fish Gallery in January?? Well, we bought him a fish tank that day and promised to fill it with fish just as soon as the tank was set up and the water had acclimated.  We did just that, and then they all died.  Within five days.  So we started over, and this time (knock on wood) our fish, all seven of them, are alive, well, and thriving.  He told me last week, "Mommy, I love my fishes."  I do, too!

It's kind of crazy to say, but these suckers have their own little personalities and it's so fun to watch them. The little molly fish hangs out at the top of the tank all day long.  All day long. The one big fish -- I don't even know what kind of fish he is, but we call him "Sneaky Pete" -- he hides in the rock all.day.long.  The five little neon tetras, well, they're my absolute favorite. 

Ok, enough about fish. I had to share this picture of Preston in this sweater.  I was a tad bit obsessed with the sweater, I think it was the elbow patches.  Anyhow, I found it on clearance and ordered it.  He wore it maybe three times and then I accidentally threw it in the washer.  It now fits an itty bitty baby doll.  I was disgusted.  I tried to restretch the fibers to no avail. {insert sad face here}  Anyhow I just wanted a picture of him in it on the blog for safe keeping and to serve as my constant reminder to always sort my laundry properly ;)

I snapped this picture of Hadley one Sunday after church.  She's a sweet little thing, and boy oh boy, is she a daddy's girl.  I'm starting to take it personally.  

The HLSR kicked off a couple weeks ago and we adorned our boots for Go Texan Day.  Preston loves any excuse to get to wear his cowboy boots and hat.  Hadley, though, she couldn't care less about Go Texan Day (see below for the full drama) but she did indeed love her boots, a gift from her Grrr.  

Their preschool and day care had a Go Texan festival with a petting zoo and pony rides. 

Poor-Bear died a year ago to the date of Go Texan Day this year, and just three days prior to Go Texan Day Preston and I were walking out of school when he said, "Mommy, I wish Pooh-Bear can come back to life for just one day so I can ride him."  {insert real big sad face here}  That made me super sad.  He was all smiles though to be back in the saddle just a few days later.  We all miss sweet Pooh-Bear so much. 

And, finally, meet Miss Lucy Kate.  She's my new niece, and she looks just like her mommy in this picture. Sweet girl! 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Spring, Blessington Farms, Sweet Kids.

One of the perks of being a Houston Moms Blog team member is all the cool and sometimes free stuff we get. Blessington Farms partnered with Houston Moms Blog back in 2014 and gave each member a pass for admission and free strawberries.  So between all the cold snaps and the rainy weekends, we took advantage of a Saturday with amazing weather and headed out to Blessington Farms. The kids had the blast. 

Preston would cut the strawberries, put them in his basket, and Hadley would go right behind him, pulling them all out. Haha! Little sisters are so fun. 

I must say that Preston, Mr. Picky eater -- Mr. Never-eats-fruits-or-veggies, now is all about eating strawberries as a result of this day.  Thank you, Jesus!

He slid down the slides no less than 50 times. 

Then we went on a train ride.  No, it's not really a train per say, but anything that connects and pulls in a similar fashion is a train in Preston's train-obsessed world. 

Hadley refused to ride in my lap.  She is the queen of do-it-herself. I can't imagine where in the world she gets that from?!

They both loved the animals. 

One of the owners even let Preston hold Goldie.  Proud of himself would be an understatement.

Either the goat didn't care for Preston's handling of Goldie or he wanted to climb in P's lap also. 

Little did I know at the time, but this would be the very last picture of Hadley holding or taking a bottle.  It wasn't her last bottle --- that came just a couple of weeks later --- just her last picture.  It makes me sad all the same, though.  She's growing up entirely too darn fast. 

Of course, Hadley had to have a wardrobe change in the middle of it all. 

Looking forward to warmer weather, more time outside, and, most of all, to making more memories with these sweet kiddos of mine.