Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Things I love this May.

1.  His guidance and His peace.

I prayed for His guidance and He guided.  I prayed for His timing and He said when.
I prayed for an easy surgery and all went ok.  I prayed for a quick recovery and so far He's providing.

2.  My Mother's Day/ Five Year Anniversary Gift

The hubs surprised me the Friday before Mother's Day and took me to the local jeweler who designed my engagement ring.  He pulled in and said, "we're going to pick out a new wedding band."  The band we promised we'd get at our 5 year wedding anniversary, but we were fresh in the throws of being new parents.  In learning about all the expenses that came along with that, we put it off.  This December we'll celebrate nine years so it was a little over due, but at any rate,  they custom made it to my preferences, and I love it.

Diamonds around, rose gold setting, and dainty.  Those were my three criteria. 

3.  So proud of Preston.

Back in the fall, his teacher was concerned that Preston didn't know many of his letters or numbers.  She mentioned that he had no desire to practice writing.  I wasn't overly concerned, but I did start looking for new ways to motivate him to learn about his letters and numbers.  I started hitting on what he loved all while sneaking letters and numbers into it without him noticing. We bought the Alphabet Train DVD.  This guy loves his trains so this was a win, win. 

 Alpha Balls also wrote about that time and asked if we would like to try them out.  Yes, yes, and yes! These were perfect as it hit on him learning his numbers, but also hit on his gross motor skills which is something he's never really struggled at. I really wish I would have discovered Alpha Balls a while ago. 

And here's a letter he wrote to "Ya-ya's mommy" just this week.  I asked him many times what this letter said and I still have no idea.  I'm thinking this is a not-so-nice-letter.  You see "Ya-Ya's mommy" also cleans our house, and this is about the third time that she has completely picked up one of Preston's train tracks to clean his room.  I love it --- after all, that's what we're paying her to do, right?!  P, on the other hand, it makes him mad, and I think that's exactly what this letter is about.  No matter the subject matter, LOOK AT HIS LETTERS!  Proud mama, right here. 

4.   I finally decided to give laser hair removal a try.  Zero regrets.

I kind of felt like everyone was already doing this, but I didn't understand the hype, the process, or the pricing.  I visited Clearstone for my first and only go so far.  You guys, I haven't shaved my legs more than once or twice a week for the past few weeks (note: it takes 2-3 weeks before the follicle to shed the hair).  That in and of itself is worth it's price in gold.  The Clearstone rep explained the process and actually recommended that I come in once a quarter due to the amount and type of hair that I have ( she commented that I didn't have much hair to begin with --- which was news to me and my razor).  That makes it sound even more affordable --- I was thinking I would need to go once a month which had me questioning how I would keep that up. Plus, Clearstone has a reasonable price list compared to some competitors.  Honestly, I didn't think it was all that painful either.

5.  These two.