Monday, January 12, 2015

happy no. 4, preston!

We celebrated 4 amazing years with Preston on January 4th! I wanted to have a train-themed party at our house this year with a ride-on train on our cul-de-sac.  The husband quickly vetoed that as we are two for two on rain at the last two parties we held at our house --- our house is not big enough for entertaining entering on the inside. 

After that veto came, I went searching online.  The Fish Gallery came up, and it seemed unique and reasonable, price wise. So we had a fish themed party --- and we promised Preston a fish tank and fish for his birthday. We're still acclimating his tank for his fish, but here in a couple of weeks we'll have a handful of fish for his tank. 

He had the best time with his friends --- especially with his BFF from school for two years in a row (pictured center just below). 

The Fish Gallery brought out a few sea creatures for the children to touch and hold.  They also got to feel the koi fish tanks as well as watch them feed the fish in their large fish tank, while getting a front row seat and an up close look at the fish. 

If you're look to host a party at The Fish Gallery in Houston then I promise you that you won't need any decor.  Their room is already decorated perfectly.  I had a few items that I threw up the night before but that was because I already had them --- not because I needed them. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day. 

Love Preston's "wow" face. 

Thank you to our friends who came out to celebrate with us. 

Preston, I love you and your crazy, can't-sit-still personality.  You are highly emotional, and I love it --- you come by it naturally (points finger at myself). I adore you. I adore your heart. I adore the four years that God has given me with you.  Here's to many more, dude!

All about Preston at 4:
lover of all things train, favorite color is blue, best friend is Owen. 
great swimmer, not a fan of letters or numbers, loves train videos on the iPad. 
loves nuggets, pizza, CHIPS, shredded cheese, eggs, bacon, waffles, and goldfish. 
takes your gummy vitamins like they're candy. 
is fully potty trained, and even sleeps without a diaper at night as of about a month ago (can I get a woohoo!)
loves your cowboy boots and cowboy hat.  loves christmas music and is still singing it even though the holidays ended a few weeks ago (you come by that naturally also). 
obsessed with wolves, loves to watch animals on tv with dad, and also loves to watch Gold Rush (pulled out the whole "excavator" terminology on me a few weeks ago). 
loves to make fun of your Grrr and say "Okay' in your sweet high pitched voice. 

You're awesome, dude.  I love you so much. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

In love with Laceez.

Recently, Laceez sent us a nice little surprise package full of their no tie shoelaces for kiddos. I had no idea that I would come to appreciate these babies just as much as I do.  Amaze-balls.  Game Changer. 

One day I will conquer the whole learn-to-tie-your-shoes battle, but for now I am rejoicing that one of my kiddos can dress himself from head to toe! Efficient, effective, and they come in a ton of fun colors. My mornings just got a little better. 

You can learn more about Laceez here